Steel Products

Steel Piers are considered the highest quality in the industry of foundation repair methods along with helical piers, for supporting many structural engineers recommendation of structural stability requirements to level commercial and residential light or heavy structures.

Steel rebar is often used in many facets of the foundation repair industry. It's highly used for all methods of foundation repair, from drilled piers, pressed piling, Interior pier breakouts and concrete reinforcement piers.

Foundation repair companies must rely on additional steel structural products for support structural engineers requirements such as steel support top brackets and pressure relief support bottom starters. All available from 2000 Industries Group custom fabrication departments or engineering staff.

2000 Industries Group, in many of its locations, manufactures or fabricates many supporting steels products in various sizes, lengths and shapes, such as driving blocks for ease of cylinder installations, for both steel and concrete piers, as well as custom cut angle iron, C channel, I beams and flat steel bar.